UMP questions Candidate for Mayor of West Yorkshire on his vision for transport and air quality

April 21, 2021

Matthew Robinson answers a question from Krysia Solheim from nextbike UK, a member of UMP

Ahead of the Mayoral and Local Elections on 6 May 2021, the Urban Mobility Partnership (UMP) has engaged with candidates across the country to discuss the need to tackle air quality and transport issues through collaboration and innovation and develop a sustainable multi modal transport system that is fit for the future and places the consumer at its heart.

On Friday 23 April, UMP members sat down for an hour-long virtual Q&A event with Matthew Robinson, Conservative Candidate for Mayor of West Yorkshire and Leeds City Councillor. During the event, Matthew Robinson outlined his ambitious vision for transport  and took questions from key stakeholders across the region. He discussed the need to prioritise transport issues in West Yorkshire and his ambition to improve active travel to make walking and cycling routes more attractive; ensure towns across the region are better connected; ensure buses are green, clean and on time; establish a regional bus forum; prioritise car club schemes over grey fleet travel at both Leeds City Council and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority; and promote digital innovation to encourage positive behaviour changes towards more sustainable travel.

The Q&A was chaired by the Chair of UMP James Lancaster, who introduced the work of the partnership in delivering and developing clear policy solutions to transform the future of urban and urban to rural mobility.

UMP members had the opportunity to ask Matthew Robinson questions on a range of key transport and air quality issues, which focused on the three key themes of promoting sustainable travel; urban regeneration and connectivity; and air quality and innovative transport solutions. The diverse conversation covered topics including making cycling more attractive to non-cyclists; bringing bike share systems to urban areas; encouraging the use of green car clubs; improving confidence in bus services post-COVID; imbedding mobility in planning policy across West Yorkshire; Mobility as a Service (MaaS); and the need for an aligned transport strategy.

It was fantastic to hear Matthew’s ambitious and clear vision for transport in West Yorkshire and his solutions to tackle these vital issues. We were delighted to have Matthew’s interest and to hear that he shares our vision to transform travel for communities across the region. We were especially delighted to hear about his commitment to greater innovation and interest in mobility credits. UMP wish him the best of luck in the upcoming Mayoral elections and looks forward to working with him to develop the future of transport in West Yorkshire if he is elected as Mayor.

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