Manchester roundtable

May 20, 2019

The information below represents a summary of the discussion at the roundtable event and of the information and ideas presented for consideration.

  1. Understanding the barriers to modal shift
    • It is important to understand and address the reasons why consumers are unwilling or reluctant to switch to a shared form of transport.
    • In terms of getting people to adopt multi-modal transport options it is important that these are “affordable, available and easy to get to”. In the areas where older, high polluting vehicles are more prevalent, the cost of shared transport is a key concern.
    • There are several perception issues associated with shared travel. This is particularly the case with bus travel; this is generally viewed in a negative light and is subject to a perception that it is not an innovative form of travel. Bus operators are trying to change this using new digital services and by improving and upgrading fleet options.
    • It was agreed that consumers can be put off using shared transport easily; one bad experience can discourage consumers. This is particularly the case where shared transport is confusing or unreliable. There is a need to make things as simple as possible for consumers.

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