UMP is delighted to welcome Mobility-as-a-service platform Mobilleo as its newest member

October 6, 2023

The Urban Mobility Partnership is delighted to today welcome Mobilleo, a leading provider of Mobility-as-a-Service technology (MaaS) in the UK, to its coalition. The Urban Mobility Partnership is committed to providing long-term leadership and near-term solutions to improve future urban mobility and working in partnership with local and national governments to develop and implement policy solutions to reduce congestion and transport emissions.

Mobilleo, joining Enterprise, Stagecoach, Dott, Foot Anstey, Brompton Bike Hire, Conduent Transportation, Liftango and Trainline, will be adding its expertise in MaaS solutions to the partnership.

A previous member of the partnership, Mobilleo have rejoined as experts in delivering scalable and integrated Mobility-as-a-Service platforms, which are crucial to ensuring a modal shift towards a sustainable, accessible and integrated transport system. Mobilleo have been involved in a number of MaaS trials and projects including one of Europe’s largest MaaS projects through the Go-Hi App. Working with other UMP members including Enterprise, Stagecoach, and Brompton Bike Hire, Mobilleo supported the Highlands and Islands Transport Partnership (HITRANS) to power an award-winning MaaS project to improve accessibility to public transport services for residents and tourists in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Mobilleo have also recently been appointed to develop a region-wide MaaS application for the West Midlands with funding through the Department for Transport’s Future Transport Zones programme.

UMP believes MaaS is crucial to the future of UK transport and was delighted to see that the Department for Transport recently launched its Mobility as a Service (MaaS) code of practice. UMP has been leading the calls to Government for a MaaS code of practice, to support the public and private sector, and authorities and operators, in effectively delivering MaaS solutions. UMP’s key recommendations around accessibility, the importance of data sharing, fair competition and the inclusion of sustainable transport operators within MaaS solutions were all contained within the code, with the Go-Hi App featured as a best practice example.

The Urban Mobility Partnership is delighted to today welcome Mobilleo to its growing membership. As previous members of UMP, we are pleased that Mobilleo has rejoined the partnership, particularly at this exciting time when UK Government and the Department for Transport are recognising MaaS as a key technological solution for the future of mobility.

We are excited to work closely with Mobilleo, who represent the future of transport with its focus on MaaS and integrated transport solutions. We welcome Mobilleo back to the Partnership, where we can work together to ensure that advanced and best-practice technological solutions, used in conjunction by the public and private sector, can offer consumers the best, most sustainable and accessible transport options, to create a modal shift and encourage a multi-modal future.  

We welcome Mobilleo’s expertise in launching and scaling Mobility-as-a-service platforms to better integrate and make our travel options more accessible and sustainable and were delighted to collaborate with them on the successful Go-Hi App. We were pleased to see the Department for Transport’s development of a MaaS code of conduct and given this, Mobilleo will add even further valuable insight to the Urban Mobility Partnership’s policy development in this area and presence as a unique partnership, bringing together different aspects of the sector.”

James Lancaster

Head of European Mobility at Enterprise and Chair of the Urban Mobility Partnership

We are pleased to rejoin the Urban Mobility Partnership, and look forward to working with the Partnership to help carry out its vision for a sustainable and multi-modal future. As a leading and award-winning Mobility-as-a-Service provider, we are excited to work closely with the other members of the Partnership on further developing policy around MaaS technology to help drive the UK forward as leaders in smart and sustainable mobility. We are looking forward to working with UMP, which is committed to embracing the role of smart and integrated technology in the provision of mobility services.”

Ross Basnett

Strategic Account Director, FOD Mobility

Urban Mobility Partnership



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