Fleetworld: EVs und Barrierefreiheit vom größten britischen Flottenbesitzer, UMP-Mitglied Motability Operations

April 3, 2024


Motability Operations, a member of the Urban Mobility Partnership, has been featured in Fleetworld for its mass adoption of electric vehicles – over 40,000 and counting – which can be accessed through its Motability Scheme.

James Douglas, manufacturer and network partnership director, explains in the following article how this Scheme is helping to ensure a seamless shift to EVs as well as access to these vehicles for potentially hundreds of thousands of people.

Motability Operations is the UK’s largest fleet owner and currently delivers the Motability Scheme to over 750,000 disabled people across the UK. The Scheme enables people who receive a qualifying mobility allowance to lease a vehicle from them by exchanging the value of their allowance.


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